Christmas 2022!!!



Email to book your date for 2022.

We are available during the weekdays also for lunch and dinner functions, so please get in touch to check availability.  Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular !!!

We will require a 20% deposit to confirm your booking for the below Friday and Saturday dates.  If you cancel within 14 days of your event the deposit is non refundable (due to the time of the year).


Our kitchen will be closed from Monday 19th December this year and re open Monday 9th January 2023.

If you have any dates for the New Year, please let us know via email and we can look at the finer details closer to that time.

Forms at the bottom of the page

Buffet prices and guest numbers:

Minimum 10 - 24 guest
$45.25 per person excluding GST
- Drop off and set up only

25 - 49 guests
$43.50 per person excluding GST
- Drop off and set up only
- Extra if you require staff to stay onsite (Minimum two hours)

50 plus guests
$41.80 per person excluding GST
- Staff onsite for up to three hours (including before service and after)
- Anything over this time will be charged per staff member, per hour

See below to add on extras and desserts

Christmas roast buffet

SALADS (Please selection a maximum of three)
- Coriander and lime slaw (Vegan)
- Mixed bean with chickpea, green, black, kidney bean, corn, spinach (GF/ Vegan)
- Summer salad - Lettuce with crisp seasonal vegetables (GF/ Vegan)
- Broccoli, pear, spinach and orange (GF/ Vegan)
- Tomato, basil, feta (GF)
- Classic potato salad with whole grain mustard, egg and parsley mayonnaise (GF)
- Beetroot, peas, walnuts, mint (GF/ Vegan)

MAINS (Please selection a maximum of three meat) All meat is GF
- Roast beef with horseradish cream
- Lemon pepper and herb chicken pieces (bone in)
- Glazed orange and cardamom ham
- Roast pork with apple sauce
- Bloody Mary prawns with spring onions (cold)
- Roast lamb with mint sauce (surcharge of $3.00 per head excluding GST)

MAIN for those guest who require (Just let us know how many you need)
- Savory lentil pie - Gluten Free / Vegan / Vegetarian


- Olive oil herb new potatoes (GF/ Vegan)
- Fresh bread and butter
- Jus (GF)
- Salad dressing
- Salt and pepper sachets

China plates
Silver cutlery
Christmas theme paper napkins
Delivery within 15km of 8 Vine Street

See below to add on desserts

Finger food prices


Minimum 20 guests
Either delivered in our amazing cardboard platters or on china platters.

Please select:
5 items $24.00 per head excluding GST
6 items $26.00 per head excluding GST
7 items $28.00 per head excluding GST
8 items $30.00 per head excluding GST


Disposable Christmas theme napkins
Disposable plates or china
Disposable cutlery or silver if required (menu choice dependent)
Delivery within 15km of 8 Vine Street

Extra if you require staff onsite.  Charged at hourly rate (minimum 2 hours)


Christmas finger food

Hot Meat

Pigs in blanket (sausage wrapped with bacon)
Pork and fennel meatballs (GF)
Beef sausage rolls with tomato relish
Beef sliders with cheese and gherkins
Petite selection of meat pies
Lemon pepper and chicken skewers (GF)

Hot Vegetarian / Vegan

Deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce
Macaroni and cheese bites
Pea and mint bites (vegan)
Vegetable spring roll

Cold Meat

Club sandwiches
Smoked chicken, brie and cranberry relish croissants
Sweet chili chicken tender sliders
Glazed ham and coleslaw buns
Bloody Mary prawns with spring onion
Selection of sushi includes vegetarian 

Cold Vegetarian

Vegetarian quiche (chefs choice)
Cheese platter with grapes, chutneys and crackers (GF crackers available)(surcharge $3.00 excluding GST)


Mini eclairs and profiteroles
Cupcakes (GF/Vegan)
Seasonal fruit pots
Petite Pavlova with cream
Christmas mince pies and fruit cake
Christmas chocolates and candy canes (GF)
Selection of sweet slices bite size
Brandy snaps filled with cream



If you would like to add extras on to your chosen menu or maybe just would like to purchase them separately.  No trouble at all.  Let us know.

Christmas buffet and add on form

Christmas finger food and add on form

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