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Northland Field Days, Dargaville 01,02,03 March 2018

Onsite for three days at Northland Field Days was an absolute pleasure. Working closely with the banking team we received great feedback from the staff and customers.  Serving up some delicious salad to accompany the BBQ, a healthy gourmet treat.  Hope to do it all again next year....

March 5, 2018

Maungatapere Meals

Maungatapere Meals is our restaurant quality "meals on wheels".  For the busy person, family, couple, anyone who needs a night off.  Maybe your working late or have your children's sports practice and don't have time.  See our Facebook page for weekly changing menus.  With delivery to Maungatapere residence and collection from Maungatapere if your passing though on Thursday's or collection from Whangarei on Friday's.  For more information find us on Facebook : Maungatape...

February 19, 2018

Local Suppliers

Our own local Tamarillo growers right here in Maungatapere. I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful couple Robin and Heather Nitschke and see their fabulous farm. They are truly passionate about their produce. After trying these two products, I instantly have added them both to my menus. For the love of Tams create delicious Tamarillo relish, and the right balance vinaigrette.  Tamarillo's do add a unique flavour to any dish. To purchase their wonderful products or for more information ...

February 8, 2018

Corporate lunches

Looking for some fresh and healthy new ideas for your corporate lunches?  We have a few ideas to suit your company and your tastebuds.  ...

January 23, 2018

Local suppliers

Strawberry Shelia's, our very own local strawberry growers in Maunu.  Specialising in what they know best "Strawberries". And they are absolutely beautiful.  Driving into their property on Austin Road, you can see all the wonderful fruit growing.  It's an absolute treat....

January 8, 2018

Maungatapere Meals Christmas Menu

Maungatapere Meals is our restaurant quality "meals on wheels" for the busy person or family.  We created a menu to help take the stress out of Christmas.  One less thing for you to worry about for when the family turns up or if you needed to take something to contribute to the table.  We delivered this on the 23rd and 24th of December for your convenience....

December 24, 2017

Summer Morning and Afternoon Teas

We are continuously coming up with new ideas to keep things interesting and fresh.  Our morning tea and afternoon tea sweet and savouries are all homemade. ...

December 11, 2017

Whangarei A&P Show 2017

The morning started out beautifully.  With our gazebo set up the night before we had plenty of time to ensure our first food stall looked great.  The weather behaving itself and friendly local's made the the day run smoothly.  We showcased some of our delicious homemade baking.   Also serving up our fresh hot pulled chicken and slow cooked lamb rolls, they went down a treat.  Hopefully see you at next year's show....

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