Minimum 10 people.

$30.00 per person excludes GST
$35.00 per person excludes GST - Dietaries (Gluten Free / Vegan/ Keto) These will be plated and labelled separately.  

$20.00 delivery excludes GST within 7km from 8 Vine Street, Whangarei.

Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.


On arrival:
Classic tea and coffee station

Morning tea:
Classic tea and coffee station
Selection of meat and vegetarian croissants
Selection of sweet muffins

Classic tea and coffee station
Selection of club sandwiches including vegetarian
Vegetarian tartlets
Selection of sausage rolls / mini pies / spinach and feta rolls
Meat slider buns with fillings (Chefs choice)
Selection of sweet slices / cakes

Afternoon tea:
Classic tea and coffee station
Fresh fruit platter

Includes:  disposable plates for each session, disposable cups for each session, urn, table cloth for food and drinks table only, paper napkins

Tea and coffee station includes:
Classic teabags / instant coffee / raw sugar / white sugar / sweetener / blue milk / green milk / soy / plastic teaspoons / disposable cups / hot water urn / table cloth for drinks table only

Should you require elegant china cups and saucers and silver teaspoons for your event please add $1.00 pp.

If you would like luxury Harney and Sons tea and Jed's coffee for your event instead, please add $2.00 pp, includes juice.

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